Christina is a call girl who works for Vagianos. She has in her possession some evidence against her boss and decides to sell them to a journalist. Unfortunately, Vagianos finds out her plans and entraps her. The journalist gets injured, while Stathis, who is just the driver who transfers Christina from date to date gets involved in the story, when Vagianos takes him as an accomplice of Christina.
Stathis and Christina, two totally different persons come very close and learn from each other things about life, which they ignored. Their relationship will soon become a collaboration and will ultimately result in love.

  • Director: Christos Dimas
  • Script: Apostolis Tsaousoglou
  • Camera: Odisseas Pavlopoulos
  • Sets: Fofo Yiokari
  • Costumes: Magda Kaloriti
  • Sound: Nicos Papadimitriou
  • Production Manager: Panagiotis Karambinis
  • Executive Producer: Constantinos Moriatis
  • Cast: Smaragda Karidi, Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Vassilis Haralambopoulos, Costas Triantafyllopoulos, Costas Falelakis, Yiota Festa, Dimitris Liolios
  • Production: Bad Movies for Alpha TV
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