One Step Ahead

Thessaloniki-Greece, November 2010. Population: 1,100,000. A city with a rich cosmopolitan history of more than 2000 years, has managed to become completely unknown… The film takes place in this declining city, in a country on the verge of bankruptcy, at a time of mayoral elections.

Yiannis Boutaris is 68 years old. He is an unconventional, hyperactive, successful winemaker, prominent member of the civil society and a recovered alcoholic. He is the Mayoral candidate who embodies the city’s hopes for change, against his much younger rival, the representative of  a 25 years long administration.

Boutaris, having fought and vanquished his own personal demons and fears, free of the pretensions of a career politician is now out to fight for and win Thessaloniki, which is drowning in a claustrophobic sea of conservatism and administrational maladies.

The camera observes him intimately through the 10 weeks of a pre-election battle, and captures the unraveling of the tension, the joy, the moments of human weakness, the call for a change in stereotype perceptions regarding personal and social life, the political deliberations, the hope of victory.

A stormy human journey, a critical political encounter, an inside view at the underlying patterns of the Greek politics and society, but also a film that tries to explore what love’s got to do with it.

  • Director: Dimitris Athiridis
  • Producer: Maria Drandaki, Dimitris Athiridis
  • Executive Producer: Constantinos Moriatis
  • Cinematography: Dimitris Athiridis
  • Editing: Artemis Anastasiadou
  • Sound: Dimitris Athiridis
  • Music: Terry Papantinas, Stavros Gasparatos
  • Production: Pan Entertainment in co-production with ERT/YLE/ZDF in collaboration with ARTE and the support of the Greek Film Center
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