Digital Delivery

Pan Entertainment is the founder and provider of DiGi8 company ( DiGi8 specializes in the receipt/processing/distribution of audiovisual content via Internet. Pan Entertainment developed the software for this eco-friendly and innovative service which ensures the on line transfer of digital files to tv broadcasters, through network data transfer, creating a safe and efficient network in Greece. 

Digital Network

This is the core area of activity for the future development of the company.

The company has in the last years acquired the necessary know-how for the association of  new technologies with audiovisual content. This expertise, which is unique in Greece, involves the development of its owned software for the corresponding platforms and the posession of the necessary hardware for full image processing:

• Encoding

• Transcoding

• Development and management of fully owned internet networks for the online transfer of audiovisual content and

• The corresponding commercial exploitation of all the above